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My initial complaint, from personal experience with Crystal Bay Caterers, was kitchen state, food handling procedures and general sanitation - which was latter reinforced by reviewing this company’s Florida Health Reports (on line). One of by big issues is kitchen staff not washing hands at all, let alone wearing gloves when handling food. This information of poor sanitation is also available online on the Tallahassee Democrat.

Back up to the above is a site called HealthCodeViolation. This web site lists 281 restaurants and catering companies in Boca Raton. • 224 have Zero violations, 80 % • Crystal Bay Catering has 11, which is a worse score than 246 other food service companies in Boca. • Crystal Bay Catering has a worse health inspection score than 88 % of all the Boca Raton food services. If this was a test on a Bell Curve, Crystal Catering would get a “-D” .from a generous teacher.

What is more concerning was owner Sam LoPiccolo reaction to a good faith customer review - see complaint online by google "University of Alabama Compliance Office Code of Conduct Violation Birmingham Alabama" A copy of the letter he sent was scary, and that is a mild example. What was even scarier was that before he sent that email to me, he was harassing my wife at her place of work. Why would he and his staff call and email my wife to make me take down my reviews I did? That behavior is what you expect in a Martin Scorsese Mafia movie, not a catering company chef in Boca Raton.

Desirable resolution would be instead of sending me nasty emails threatening legal action for a legitimate review/warnings, Sam Piccolo with Crystal Bay Caterers just cleans up his kitchen & act. We already have one documented instance in Dec 2017 of people getting sick over his food. See Yelp review Crystal Bay Caterers by Barbara K. @ Delray Beach, FL.

Product or Service Mentioned: Crystal Bay Caterers Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: His emails were so deranged they became hilarious to read.

I didn't like: Sanitation and professionalism.

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Sandy Treacy

I have use this company too, they suck


Thanks for the update – this is another example that the root cause of all these complaints is Sam Piccolo himself – no emotional maturity & too much of a narcissist to have empathy for customers he as ill served (pardon the pun) or the inability to admit he is not perfect and needs to change his behavior (he can start by just washing his hands more)Instead of Sam Piccolo bullying customers that complain to take down their complaints – limit online posts to friends and families that only give him good reviews - Sam Piccolo should be calling customers he has failed and filed a complaint and 1) apologize for his failure as a professional Chef 2) see what he can do to make it right with his customer, like a refund or discount – not act like a character in a Martin Scorsese gangster film.


You have not read their most recent Fla Health Department inspection - inspector stated, among other concerning issues: "Administrative complaint recommended " -

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